Kingsong KS14 Board Update Information

Details sent over by Kingsong in regard to the KS14 range being updated. This could affect you if you want to:
A. Upgrade to the new board or
B. Wish to fix a blown board on your older KS14.
"Dear Friend,
Here's the information about 14 inch wheel,KS14M, KS14D, KS14S.We have new motherboard of these models from May 2018.


To increase output power, make a better protection of battery packs, we have added additional fuse on KS14M, KS14D, KS14S. Both of the two fuses are located on the control board rather than being external as previously.

To tell the previous version from KS14M, KS14D, KS14S, we make all the above version named KS14SMD. There are tips while upgrading, but to avoid mistakes, we make an announcement here.

If the fuses are not external, then while upgrading, your 14 inch king song ( KS-14M, KS-14D, KS-14S) should choose model No. KS14SMD .Please inform to all users also,thanks in advance!"