Is using an Electric Unicycle Lazy?

"Cheating that"

I have heard this said more than once on my travels, and so have some of you other riders probably. It got me thinking, its such a shame that those throwing away comments like that have not had the privilege to ride one or even give it a go to appreciate how much skill it takes to actually fully master an Electric Unicycle.

Just like Riding a Bike

Just like learning to ride a bike, it takes time and effort to master the skill. It is just that, a skill, which once learnt opens you up to a world of longer travel without taking the expensive car, taxi or bus. It means you don't need to arrive at your place of work all sweaty and tired before you even start the day. It means on the weekends you can go for pleasant ride outs at the drop of a hat and enjoy areas you have never even thought of venturing into!

Electic Unicylces are amazing tools

Time advantage

This evening showed again, despite riding for almost 3 years, just how really useful these little tools can be. I had to take one of my sons to football practice, but also had a lot of work that needed doing straight after, but also had to walk Bruce our dog, well guess what, out came the GotWay Msuper V3 820 and in the hour he was at football practice we had done a 5 miler, got all cleaned up and back to collect the boy from football, without the wheel we would never have covered so much ground and I would have had to dedicate some time solely walking the dog rather than getting on with some much needed time working this evening. Crazy efficient way of doing this.....all made possible with the amazing Electric Unicycle!

Hope you found this blog entry enlightening and uplifting, if so please feel free to comment and share!



  • I have always been a petrol head, motorcycles and cars but when I got to 70 I decided that I am going to have to get fit after a fall off a ladder which had me using a walking stick for three weeks. After seeing some Youtube videos I decided to try to unicycle, My first choices of electric unicycles were not too clever but I really started to get going when I got my MCM4. Ian I have watched you’re riding skills with envy but what really gave me heart was looking at some of your early videos and watching your learning progression. I am now going through a similar phase albeit it is taking me a lot longer, I suspect because I am a tad older and still a little embarrassed to go out of my driveway into the street on a wheel. I am currently trying to perfect riding backwards and enjoy the workout that riding off road gives me. My advice to any older people that are considering trying this activity is, go for it but prepare for lots of painful falls and bruises but once you get to certain level it is well worth it. Peter C

    Peter Cochrane
  • Aside from the normal looks of awe and bewilderment I usually get riding my wheel around on bike trails, sidewalks, streets, and basically wherever I can physically take it (MCM4, 1st wheel), I do occasionally get that look of disgust from runners and cyclists that are clearly suffering from some sort of superiority complex or overvaluation of their most cherished personal activity. Ill share two of my favorite negative encounters, of which I don’t have many.

    The first was while I was sitting on a bench next to a popular paved bike path. I had passed an older guy who was running just a few minutes before pulling off the trail and sitting down without touching my feet to the ground. The main purpose for getting into EUCs was so that I could dominate an augmented reality game (Ingress) by capturing strategic locations that are inaccessible to cars quickly and without much effort. I was sitting down to perform actions in the game when the running guy slowed to a walk as he was passing buy and commented; “Not getting much exercise that way.” with an enormous smirk on his face. My quick response was; “Im out here to destroy the opposing team. Paved paths like this are too boring for me to use for fitness.” He just chuckled and started running again. He can have his superiority complex.

    The second, and my personal favorite, was a bike commuter along the same trail. Im guessing this gentleman’s day had not been going well. I was wheeling along behind a large group of walkers, waiting for another group coming from the opposite direction to pass by before I passed the group in front of me when suddenly I heard “On your left! Out of my way! You too rich boy!” The people walking seemed quite put off by this guy’s attitude and they rushed to get out of his way as he nearly hit some lady passing between both groups as fast as he could pedal. I used the path they had cleared for him to accelerate onto his tail. He started pedaling harder to keep me from overtaking him, but I hadnt even gotten my 19mph beep warning yet. Once we were clear of any other people on the trail, I let him know I was passing on his left. This turd swerved in front of me and continued to block me from passing until a mountain bike trail appeared on the side of the paved path. We were on an uphill section of the trail and the guy was clearly losing steam, so I left the pavement and proceeded to pass him on the dirt trail running parallel to the pavement. Im not sure exactly what he said to me as I passed, but it seemed to imply that I liked to vacuum male chickens. The best part was about a mile down the trail, there is a 5K loop that breaks off then comes back around another mile up the trail. I use this loop to turn around and go back to my car and just as I was getting back on the main trail after finishing the 5K loop to head back, I passed him from the opposite direction. I shouldn’t have said anything, but his sweaty face, terrible disposition, and work pants just begged me to ask the question: “New DUI?” I didnt see his reaction, or hear any response, but it felt good.

    I generally don’t engage in anything except answering questions about my wheel and I try to be as positive as I can so that I make the best first impression on people who have never seen an EUC before. I want people on my side when rules on these things start becoming normal. Not a bunch of angry folks eager to ban them from trails because of that one time that one person did that thing to upset them.

    My favorite thing to say to people who are delighted by seeing me cursing along on my wheel is “I love the future!” as I speed by. My standard answer to “How much do those cost?” is “About $1000, 7-14 hours of hard learning, and a pound of flesh.”

    EUCs actually should give people an incentive to stay fit. They have weight limits and the lighter you are, the faster and further you can go!

  • Well, people are too comfortable throwing comments at others. Some people are amused, and really don’t care, they just see you gliding without moving the feet. The reason I am shopping for an EUC, is for mobility purposes. I can’t hold onto, or lean forward holding bike handlebars.I can’t Rollerblade like a “beast” anymore. I played too much tackle football, and other contact sports, been in car crashes, survived cancel three times. I want to be active, but not in a wheelchair or two-wheeled scooter. I can’transfer walk far enough to enjoy a park. Also, I want to have a device that I can charge with solar panels. I have a car sitting in the driveway, that I have not driven in 11 months. Also, I can see that there has to be hips, thighs, glutes,abdominal, etc. working. Some of the best workouts are when we are balancing. This works the small muscle groups that may not make us strong, but quick with the ability to react like a cat! This is what the best atheletes spend the most time on. So, tell people to do there homework,stop frowning, and see that this is not about working out, but getting out and about. Enjoying life!

    Anthony Clark
  • call it lazy call it crazy but just like Pokemon GO got my family to go out and about so to is our EU – nothing like getting the kids excited about getting up early so we can go ride around different spots taking long rides each time to see what the real world looks like out there instead of sitting at home playing x-box or Minecraft or watching Netflix – for us it gives us time to learn, laugh and explore and if that’s far more worthy of the lazy tag then doing nothing else but sitting down i’ll it :)

    Mike Kraus
  • Completely agree with you, I’ve heard ‘thats lazy / thats cheating’ numerous times.
    I’m pretty sure I’m burning more calories than if I was driving a car – how many car drivers are being called ‘lazy’.
    I’ve seen so much more of my local neighborhood since riding the EUC – being lazy would involve sitting in and watching the TV all night.


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