This is a fiery episode! 🔥

Ian got a new road bike... why did he do that? This year his father will become 70 so as both of them are bikers they decided to go for a long ride together. Before that day comes, Ian and Amy can spend some time riding together, just like they used to do before the children came along.

We got in an MSX from a customer but the footplate bar is stuck. We did our best to get it out but unfortunately we couldn't so we had to purchase special equipment in hopes we can remove the footplate.

Things with the new business are slowly coming along and we are looking forward to the official opening to the store! This would potentially be a chance to introduce more members of the public to the world of electric unicycles as some of the customers coming to the shop would be adventurers and outdoor explorers.

Last but not least, it's spring and when the sun shines everything looks so lush! As the weather gets better and better it'll be easier and more enjoyable to ride an EUC so expect more wheel reviews coming soon.

Anyway enough reading, go check out the episode here: