Week 11 of documenting how life goes at Speedy Feet HQ

This week is a long one as instead of 5 days, we have captured 6 days! The episode is the length of a feature film! 

You can see some progress has been made in the Speedy Feet's Garage office. Ian is almost ready with the project and to be honest, it does look quite cozy in there. Finally he will have his own little space where he can work without being distracted by the kids. 

During the week as usual there is a lot of filming and fixing wheels (another V11 motor swap). It was more media heavy week due to the leaks of the V12 and also the review of the air pump. 

It was a bit odd when Ian purchased a life-size cardboard cutout of a creepy character from Toy Story 4 but this is 'normal' for Ian. 

Anyway this is a quick summary of the eleventh week of doing the Speedy Feet Weekly vlogs. I personally still find it odd to film myself daily and even more odd that there are people out there who avidly follow us on YouTube but I do appreciate all of the love and support from the community! I guess in several years it'll be fascinating looking back at what Speedy Feet looked in 2021.