Published by Woodland Group 31st May 2021

'Yantian port started to accept laden containers again today but with a limit of 5000 per day. This is following its suspension of export operations due to congestion and a recent Coronavirus Outbreak which resulted in labour shortage.

There are currently about 23,000 fully loaded containers waiting to be cleared in factories, streets and warehouses around Yantian port area.

Containers can only be delivered 3 days before departure, and since all ships are delayed between 3-6 days, containers will need to sit on the chassis / trucks while waiting for vessels to berth which results in further pressure and increasing truck shortage.

It is reported that 96% of the space inside Yantian port is taken up, meaning a lot of laden containers waiting for vessels to be loaded, in addition to those waiting outside the port.

Some carriers have decided to either omit South China entirely for sailings in the coming 10 days or re-route ships to other ports such as Nansha.

Service disruptions, cargo delays and rate increases are expected as a result. This is further compounding the issues currently felt by the ocean freight trade out of Asia'