EUC fun in Sweden, Belgium and France


EUC Sweden is organising a set of competitive and measurable ”exercises” called the TheViking EUC challenges. If this is something that interests you go check out their facebook community

The exercises will be focused on ”natural agility on the EUC” and is not about handstand and tricking, but rather on activities as slalom, jumping and control in an obstacle area!

The items needed to do the exercises should be easy to get hold of, so that riders can create their own exercise ground. Therefore it is not practical to use a specific MTB trail, or a specific skatepark, as it is impossible to find the same in every town and country

EUC Sweden will keep track on all the swedish and world records and publish a leaderboard.

To contest a record it must be filmed or watched by a EUC Viking referee and they will the exercise contested, datename of the rider, machine used, measurement (time, length, height according to the specific exercise) and a video of the record attempt.

The first Viking Challenge is:  The IUF Slalom Course Viking EUC Challenge #1



On the livestream at the end of February we mentioned about the Belgium Wheelers and a PoloWheel competition happening in Brussels, that came to pass and this is the video from the event. If you don't know what PoloWheel is, that's polo on EUCs, I think I should go to Brussels one day to try it out! The video is by Les Wheeler's d'Alsace and it's not in English but here are the top 3 things in it:

2 min - Polo tournament 

4 min - Day ride

7:20 min - Night ride 



The Electric Games are coming! This June 8-10 in Monségur (France) will be the 2nd annual electric games with races for electric unicycles and skateboards.

The competition features a few different courses including: Street, Slalom and off-roading and of course there will be PoloWheel training and tournament. PoloWheel seems to be very popular amongst the European EUC community. Check out for more info. 

If you want to join probably you’ll need to be able to speak French so keep that in mind. I used to study French in school so all of these EUC events really inspire me to get back into it so I can go and join the French EUC community, viva la révolution!