New Ninebot Unicycle Range - the ONE Z (Z6,Z8 and Z10)

Breaking news!

Ninebot leaked out some information today on their new Ninebot unicycle. Its specs for the lower models are not that inspiring, but the Z10 looks a bit fruity...but does it go far enough?

Well specs aside, its looks amazing, and the design is a move away from the traditional somewhat, with a wider looking tire and floppy mudguard. I am all for this new design, and 1000wh battery, although by far not the biggest from a manufacturer should be used efficiently by high end components all being well, and there fore should push out some good miles.

Hopefully this new release will push other makes out there to continue to up their game. I am all for the rapid advancement of these amazing commuting tools!

Looks like there is a front light (and side LED's) as well as rear red light. But cannot see a trolly handle? Unless is really well hidden!

(Specs translated from Chinese, motor power might be max rated output, not confirmed yet. As always - range, meh, 'pinch of salt'!)


Max Speed: 35km

Battery: 574wh

Motor: 1200w

Range: 40-55km

Max Load: 150kg

Max incline: 20 degrees


Max Speed: 40km

Battery: 862wh

Motor: 1500w

Range: 60-80km

Max Load: 150kg

Max incline: 25 degrees


Max Speed: 45km

Battery: 1000wh

Motor: 1800w

Range: 80-100km

Max Load: 150kg

Max incline: 25 degrees

Nothing on the Ninebot website yet though.

Here are the images and also video of the unit (Pictures not owned by Speedy Feet)

Ninebot ONE Z10