Ninebot ONE Z - Availability

Well, this is one of the top questions we get. So we have done this post to save us typing the same response over and over :)

We will stock the Ninebot ONE Z when it comes out. What we know so far at time of writing this;

1. It might be out this year (2018) but Segway are not sure

2. The wait is because it needs to be CE certified, to enable it to be sold within Europe.

3. Its likely they will release only 1 model, we hope its the Z10 and have requested it.

4. Price - a big unknown, we would GUESS between £1500 and £2000, but again, this is just a pure guess.

5. 3/08/2018 UPDATE - CE Certification has been granted on the Z10 EARLIEST expected availability date is Christmas 2018

6. 18/12/2018 UPDATE- Earliest possible availability date is March 2019

7. 4/3/2019 UPDATE - Earliest possible availability date is Mid May 2019

8. 26/3/2019 UPDATE - Beginning of June 2019

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Hope this helps answer!

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  • SenatorPerry

    Sorry to bother you on this topic again. I know it is never ending. I had hoped to get my hands on a Z6, but it looks like it may never be released based on the entry 3 above (outside of the gray market). If you happen to hear different I would love to hear some discussions on them.

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