Riding around the world

Riding an electric unicycle is really fun but do you know what is more fun? Riding with friends! At Speedy Feet we know this and we want to encourage riders to meet and ride together because we believe in the power of community and in today's world with more and more people feeling lonely, isolating themselves in their rooms,  we believe going out for a ride with friends can be beneficial to your mental health so let's check out some stories from EUC communities around the world.

Let's start off with an upcoming trip to China organised by Electroway.ru!


Electroway is a bit like the Russian Speedy Feet, they sell all sorts of electric scooters, unicycles, bikes and etc. They are organising a trip to Hong Kong and China at the end of April (21-29th) for more information click here. This will be their 4th trip to China, and they've also been around Europe once and also to Malaysia and Singapore. The trip to China at the writing of this article has 3 seats left. They will start in Hong Kong and do some sightseeing on EUCs there, ride in Shenzhen, experience the rural life in Mainland China and conclude the trip spending a couple days on Nan'ao peninsula enjoying the South China Sea. I don't know about you but if I could I would go! 

Next story comes from San Francisco, USA. A video courtesy of Alien Rides shows what happens when a bunch of people from America meet for a mixed ride (e-bikes, e-skateboards, EUCs) in the Bay Area.

Not sure about the smokes they used but it definitely looked like tons of fun! 

Going to Belgium, on the 23-24th of February, Belgium Wheelers had organised a Polowheel event.


Newbies learned how to play polo on unicycles whilst veterans played matches. Check out Belgium Wheelers on Facebook and if you live near that would be a great opportunity to meet other people on EUCs and even play a sport together! 

What if you live in England? We got you covered! We currently are planning a Speedy Feet Meet in May. 

Speedy Feet Meet

What is a Speedy Feet Meet? It's basically a group gathering of fellow EUC riders in the Forest of Dean. If you've seen our video reviews the majority of them feature a forest, the reason for that is because we are based in the Forest of Dean and also the rough terrain is a great benchmark for how a wheel performs. From personal experience, riding in the forest is such a joy, it's quiet, fresh air, you can even see deer jumping around. We are still working on the logistics of it but we are hoping to organise the group ride out sometime in May (ideally on a sunny day). If this is something up your street definitely stay tuned and as soon as we can we will release more information. I can't wait for some warm weather and forest riding! 

If you're enjoying these blog posts feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. If you have some interesting EUC news or stories we would love to hear from you, email us at info@speedyfeet.co.uk.