The Weekly Speedy Feet Live Show


If you've been following us on social media or YouTube, you might already know about the livestream that we do on Wednesday but for anyone unaware, every Wednesday at 4:30pm GMT we are live on Facebook and YouTube and you guys can interact with Ian and me in real time and ask us any questions. 

The live show has a loose structure but you can expect the following:

1. Viewer's Videos competition where viewers submit videos and viewers then vote on the best and the winner gets £25 in-store credit. 1 min max video, ideally filmed horizontally and no copyrighted music. Videos longer than 1 min are "axed" and videos with popular music tracks may get muted because in the past we had problems with the livestream being taken down due to copyright issues so we are a bit cautious. Almost none of the Live Shows are monetised due to copyrighted music and that's fine but we just don't want our videos to be blocked or banned, that's why if you use songs from Eminem, Ray Charles, Taylor Swift or any other big musician your video may be muted. Email us a link to your video to

2. EUC News where we bring to your attention what is happening with the electric unicycle community all around the world, whether it's a funny video, changes in legislations or a scientific article. We would love if you guys send us interesting stuff that you've found or were part of and become our reporters, we want to raise positive awareness about EUCs and hopefully see a future where riding an electric unicycle is a normality!

3. Featured Video is the newest segment of the show where if you have a high quality video that's a bit longer than 1 minute but you don't want it to be "axed". Limit is 3 minutes and I and Ian decide which video to feature, if your video doesn't get featured you still have the option to compete in the Viewer's Videos competition.