Unicycle Hero

Probably one of the coolest electric unicycle stories I've heard lately comes from Seville, Spain. EUC rider, Pedro Graña, pursues and catches a thief on his Z10 and then hands him over to the police. News story courtesy of lasexta.com.

Spanish EUC hero

Quick recap of the story is the following: 

A man runs up to an elderly lady and steals her phone, our hero, Pedro Graña, sees the crying lady so he immediately goes in pursuit of the thief. Pedro rides his Ninebot Z10 for about a kilometre through the streets and alleys of Macarena shouting after the thief until he eventually catches up to him and pins him to the ground until the police comes. He then returns the phone back to the lady. 

This is such a great story, not only because one man stands up to injustice and does what is right, but also shows how EUCs can be a great tool for catching running criminals. I don't know about you but the fact that he was on a Z10 makes the story even more impressive for me because I've tried the Z10 and I find it really difficult to control, so I respect Pedro even more for his feat. 

If you want to listen to the interview you can click here. The news article is in Spanish but Google Translate can help you get the gist of it!