Gotway May 1st - May 15 Firmware Issue

This relates to this exact issue here:

*Information accurate as of 5th July 2017 and of course could change at any time as the tech progress's.

Ok...this has been an extremely trying time for customers and us! My hair has gone greyer and we are still working solutions.

Where it stands so far, from what we have been able to decipher and what we have been told.

Solution to the oscillation when hitting a small bump at varying speeds is a board replacement OR for it to be re-flashed with a fixed firmware.

Now, this is where it get a little more complicated!

Flashing is fine, but with one omission - Gotway have updated the connectors between the motor cables from 3.5's to 5's - these new bigger connectors reduce resistance and thus reduce heat build up within the connectors allowing a more efficient flow of current. Unless the boards flashed have these new 5.0's fitted then they are still not up to date or 'latest issue'. Bear in mind, the bigger connectors are just a progression in the build style, as with any tech things change and hopefully improve!

PS - we found out about the new connectors by shear accident - we received no flashing tool but 21 replacement boards (all to be fitted at our own cost and time with no compensation) to be fitted to new stock in the warehouse that may have the above issue. When we started to do the replacements we immediately ran into an issue...the motor cables on some units have the 3.5 connectors - which of course will not connect up to the 5.0.

This has large implications across the entire range, as now selling / supplying a replacement board for a certain model is far more complex, for example you will need to know what connectors you have coming from the motor. To help with this see the helpful picture below:

Gotway Connectors

From this point forward we will only have boards with 5.0 connectors fitted, so if you require a replacement board then you will need to cut off the old 3.5's and fit on new 5.0 style connectors to make it fit. (Hoping to have some form of instructions for you guys, once we have confirmation from Gotway)

Also - the way these connectors are insulated has changed, gone are the black tight shrouds and in with the thicker transparent style sleeves, cable tied together.

All this is to allow any heat build up to dissipate faster.

Here is a picture of the latest setup:

We are currently awaiting the correct procedure on how to fit these new connectors to ensure we are doing it inline with Gotways official procedure.

Hope this update is helpful!