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InMotion V10F Waterproofing Issue

1. This issue DOES NOT affect any units sold by Speedy Feet.

2. InMotion confirm "no problem <for units> purchased after May ,5,2018"

3. This ONLY affects the V10F and from the date mentioned in point 2 and on a single production line from that date & prior above. Worth noting there is misinformation being spread around that the InMotion V10 is not 'waterproof'. This is incorrect - The V10 and the V10F are IP55 rated. Not sure on IP ratings? Checkout the helpful table here.

From InMotion for those that might have an early version:

V10F Remedy

*Speedy Feet are only passing on the information requested or sent from inmotion, for further / more information contact inmotion directly.

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