'Speedy Feet' EUC stand


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'Speedy Feet' logo encrusted stand for your electric unicycle. Comes in 3 parts (2 sides and one base). Push fit design.

Assemble by pushing the sides UP through the base. Once in position provides a solid base for almost all unicycles.

We have tested on; Ninebot ONE, KS16S, KS18L, Gotway Monster, INMOTION V8, INMOTION V10, Gotway Musper series, Gotway ACM series, Mten3. (does not fit the Ninebot Z10 or KS16X they are to wide)

 From Norway? Please visit EUC GUY, different stand but serves the same purpose..to hold your lovely EUC! EUC Guy
In the USA? Please visit EUC Army for a stand