Gotway Mten 3 10 Inch unicycle - 512wh | Black
Gotway Mten 3 10 Inch unicycle - 512wh side black

Gotway | Begode Mten 3 (Mten3) 10 Inch unicycle - 512wh | Black

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Begode (Gotway) Mten3 is a little 10inch electric unicycle packs a punch and is diddy to boot!

For its size, almost unbelievably the Mten3 has a 800W motor and 512Wh battery pack, putting it in the leagues with the big boys. It is remarkable but you can even fit it in a rucksack, surprisingly compact this Begode Mten3 is! 

Begode Mten3 now comes with the cut off switch for when you lift it up to climb stairs etc, no need to turn it off.

If this is your fist wheel or you have many wheels, it will not disappoint. The Mten3 is perfect for learning new tricks and just messing about, you won't believe how much fun it is unless you try one!  

Comes with a 3 year warranty and our 3 pillars program.

Important to note; we have been selling wheels since 2014, our warranty is an actual warranty, in the fact we will be here in 3 years time helping you out!


Dimensions (H x L x W)450mm x 190mm x 220mm

Weight: 11kg

Motor: 84V 800W

Batteries: 512Wh

Max speed: 37Km/h

Max motor spin speed: 56km/h

Tire: 10x3.0”

Range (depends on rider weight, cruising speed, weather conditions, road conditions)20-40km (see our range test video)

USB Port

Headlight: 500Lumen

Pedal height: 110mm

Have a look at our video review here: 

Customer Video Review (independent, not sponsored):

Ian's son Joel doing a review on his very first wheel!:

UK Legality - Official government advice is to ride these on private land (with the landowners permission only), although we are not aware of any riders being prosecuted for riding an Electric Unicycle on pavements or road at time of writing and it seems to be a grey area (being a single wheel) nor are we legal experts in this regard. Still concerned? Then seek independent legal advice. Of course you must ride responsibly as always - you are not a superhero - although you will feel like one!

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