Kingsong KS-S18
Kingsong KS-S18
Kingsong KS-S18
Kingsong KS-S18
Kingsong KS-S18
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KingSong S18 is the first suspension wheel from the manufacturer. The suspension helps by absorbing a lot of the roughness of cobbled streets, trails and other off-road paths. 

Comes with a 3 year warranty and our 3 pillars program.

KingSong S18 has a 84V battery system with 1110Wh capacity. Top speed of around 31mph (50km/h) and with a 2200w motor this machine will provide plenty of torque.

Weighing in at 22kg this is actually a pretty lightweight unicycle for what it offers. This comes in handy if you have to carry your wheel up and down the stairs, otherwise the built-in trolley handle does a great job if you just want to push along your S18 electric unicycle. 

The KingSong S18 can climb up to 40˚ and has a tire size of 18x3.0 which seems to be traditional now for wheels of this size.

Max official rider weight of 120kg.

Comes with a slightly more powerful charger this time around with a 84v 2.5amp output. Giving you 1amp more than previous chargers. On top of that you get 2 charge ports so you can quickly recharge your KingSong S18 after a long ride.

KS-S18 updates

Unboxing and Range Test

250km Update Review


650km Video Review Update

1000km Video Review Update

Despite us mentioning it comes with a different shock than our model, they actually have decided to ship it with the 36 (same as ours in the videos).

Kingsong KS-S18
UK Legality - Official government advice is to ride these on private land (with the landowners permission only), although we are not aware of any riders being prosecuted for riding an Electric Unicycle on pavements or road at time of writing and it seems to be a grey area (being a single wheel) nor are we legal experts in this regard. Still concerned? Then seek independent legal advice. Of course you must ride responsibly as always - you are not a superhero - although you will feel like one!

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