Kingsong KS-S18

Kingsong KS-S18

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Brand new from Kingsong, the KS-S18.

03/07/2020: Final version updates on the KS-S18, see and click graphic below (being produced 20 days from today):

KS-S18 updates


27/05/2020: Just got an update; production starts 20th June of 500pcs, of which our shipment is in that production. 

Ignore pre order button ETA, production is May, with shipping out of units to us beginning of June 2020. So likely arrival of this wheel to Speedy Feet HQ in UK is end June, early July. First come first served. Once pre order sold out there will be no option to purchase from the first shipment and you will need to wait for second shipment.

84v system with 1110wh battery. Top speed of 31mph (50km/h). With a 2200w this machine will provide plenty of torque. Comes with a slightly more powerful charger this time around with a 84v 2.5amp output. Giving you 1amp more than previous chargers.

Since our video it now comes with new shock; which is called a 38RC. The Air shock is much lighter than coil shock. This is a great upgrade from the old shock. It is precisely CNC machined to ensure no air or oil leaking. The negative air valve could possibly touch some frames, so DNM developed the new 38RC shock without negative air valve.

250km Update Review

Weighing in at 22kg this is actually a pretty lightweight machine for what it offers.

It can climb up to 40˚ and has a tire size of 18x3.0 which seems to be traditional now for wheels of this size.

Max official rider weight of 120kg

Kingsong KS-S18