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Kingsong KS16X (1554wh)

Kingsong KS16X (1554wh)

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Brand new from Kingsong, the KS16X

23/08/2019 update: Due in approx first week of September 2019 (Customs dependent). First come first served on this 2nd shipment

This 16 inch release has a massive 1554wh battery pack, meaning you will be able to travel huge distances. The all new design brings 2 charging ports to the KS16, a massive jump in motor power, taking it from 1200w to 2200w's of power!

Here are some of the specs currently available.

Rated Power: 2200w

Max Power:4200w

Max Recommended Load: 120KG

Tire Size: 16inch (Dia 440mm)

Comes with the amazing 2 Year Speedy Feet Warranty

** This is a pre order currently, order to guarantee one from second shipment

*** As a pre order the arrival time might vary by several weeks depending on weather, customs, logistics etc....or might be on time.