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Ninebot ONE S2

Ninebot ONE S2

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The Ninebot ONE S2 Electric Unicycle is the latest release from Ninebot. Its a 14 inch wheel (all previous models have been 16 inch), due to this and other advances the weight is around 4kg less at just 11.4kg

As per usual, Speedy Feet's 2 Year Warranty applies, along with 10% replacement parts discount with a purchase.

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Dual battery compartments

Ninebot One S2 is equipped with two batteries, one on the left side and one on the right. The vehicle still functions when one battery is removed to suit your speed and mileage requirements.

Smart battery management system (BMS)

BMS monitors the status of each cell in the vehicle, minimizing faults and guaranteeing that the battery is safe and protected. These features work in conjunction with a power-off mode that includes an alarm function.

Powerful inner core with superior capability

The output power of the motor can reach 500W. With Ninebot's advanced sine wave inverter technology, the max speed tops out at an impressive 24 km/h. Imported high-rate batteries can take you up to 30 km. The body is slim at 18 cm thick, and great for meeting your need for speed.

Easily stored in your car's boot
Such a lightweight and portable self-balancing vehicle will be a regular travellerin the trunk of your car…just don’t leave it behind on weekend breaks!

Safety and security first

Segway & Ninebot Group boasts 16 years of experience in self-balancing vehicles and security algorithms, and we hold over 400 core patents in the industry. All our products are governed by strict company standards.

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