Ninebot Short Steering Bar Upgrade

Ninebot Short Steering Bar Upgrade

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Ninebot Short Steering Bar

If your shorter than most then the Ninebot short steering bar is for you. We recommend this for anyone 5.5ft and under.

How Easy Is it to Fit to the Ninebot?

Its a simple swap over from the standard one that comes with the Ninebot.

If you want any help fitting this please see the video on this page showing how to fit it. Or give us a call on 01594546477 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Further Details about the Ninebot Short Steering Bar

Alternatively if you are just setting out on your Ninebot experience and are purchasing the complete unit then you can add this to your order when you order your Ninebot Elite.

The Short Steering Bar for the Ninebot is 790mm