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Msuper X

Msuper X

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New from Gotway, the next in the Msuper serie; the Msuper X. With a 2000w motor and 18x3 inch wheel this beast eats up the miles.

Stats from Gotway:

  • 84v System
  • Alarms: 30km/h 2 sounds alarm, 35km/h 3 alarm and power alarm (80% output) at alarm 5
  • Range: Figures from riding 20km/h with a 70kg rider in 25c on flat gained 160km range from the 1600wh. (See our distance test video below which differs)
  • Max rider weight 100kg
  • Motor: 2000w
  • 120w charger
  • 13.5hours for full charge from empty
  • Can climb hills 30 degrees in for and back direction and can traverse a 70 degree camber (due to footplate position and angle)
  • Low battery alarm cuts in at 10% or below (never ride less than 10% to prevent damage to the batteries)
  • Heat protection - footplates will go back if over 80c
  • Possible to set ride mode in APP