Gotway | Begode Mten 3 10 Inch unicycle - 512wh | Black


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This little 10inch electric unicycle packs a punch and is diddy to boot!

Comes with a 2 year warranty. Important to note; we have been selling wheels since 2014, our warranty is an actual warranty, in the fact we will be here in 2 years time helping you out!

For its size, almost unbelievably it has a 800w motor and 512wh battery pack, putting it in the leagues with the big boys. Its so much fun this wheel, it can even fit in a ruck sack! 

This latest version comes with the cut off switch for when you lift it up to climb stairs etc, no need to turn it off.

If this is your fist wheel or you have many wheels, it will not disappoint. 

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