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4amp Fast Charger for Gotway (62.7v)-1RADWERKSTATT-Speedy Feet

4amp Fast Charger for Gotway (62.7v)


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Fast Charger for Gotway

Charge at double the speed with this 4amp charger for your Gotway.

Suitable for all 62.7v versions (3 pin charge port / 62.7v).


H: 88mm

W: 115mm

L: 193mm

Due to the fast charging nature, NEVER leave the charger out of sight. Give it plenty of room to keep cool, more important the lower charge state (As it will have to do more work to bring your battery up to 100%).

We would recommend mixing your charge cycles between your standard 1.5amp charger and this. This should not replace your standard charger entirely. Give the batteries a break every now and then (We would say every 5 charges do a standard full charge cycle).

Please be aware this comes with a EU style plug hard wired. You will need a converter for your plug type