INMOTION Electric scooter - L8F-InMotion-Speedy Feet

INMOTION Electric scooter - L8F


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This scooter is an amazing little device. Can operate under its own power  once pushed to start. Simple as kicking and going at the push of a lever. With the pull of a lever the L8F folds, making it easy to transport.

Full on dashboard giving up to date speed and battery data.

Strong regenerative breaking - no wearing brake pads!

Cool lighting effects (also programmable through the Bluetooth app)

Built in headlight!

Powered by a 350w Motor and a 36V 8.70AH Lithium battery, this scooter packs a punch.

It has a 8 inch Solid front tire (which forms part of the motor), and a Pneumatic rear tire with max PSI of 80.

IP65 rating meaning this can be used in all weather conditions.

It weights 11.7kg and has a charge time from 0%-100% of around 5 hours.

On a single charge it will do 30-40km (depends on terrain and rider weight)