Kingsong KS18L Electric Unicycle - USED-Kingsong-Speedy Feet

Kingsong KS18L Electric Unicycle - USED


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Only 80km on this Kingsong KS18L, save yourself a small fortune (£285 saving). See pictures for full overview of its condition.

- 12 Month Speedy Feet Warranty.

- New Control Board!


- Comes with charger and plug ready to go!


Original Description from new product:

The KS18L has a 2000w motor and 18inch wheel. The KS18L packs a punch;. 1036wh battery back on board. It has a top speed of 31mph (but we would not recommend this!) and climb angle of 35 degrees.

This wheel is for the tourer who wants to go further and / or also tackle  the steep stuff!

2 Year Speedy Feet Warranty for peace of mind.


Model: KingSong KS18L 1036Wh
Tyre diameter: 18"
Maximum speed: 50 km/h (after ridden first 200 km), 40 km/h (before ridden first 200 km)
Real range: up to 90 km (depending on the user weight, road inclination, road condition and temperature), 105 km declared by manufacturer.  (See our video review above for real life results that we found).
Battery: 1036 Wh, Li-ion, LG or Sanyo
Engine - type: Electric, brushless DC (BLDC motor)
Engine - power: 2000 W (max. power output 4000 W)
Weight: ~22.5 kg
Maximum climbing angle: 35°
Maximum load: 150 kg
Dimensions: 590 mm x 495 mm x 180 mm
Safe usage temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
Pedals - distance from the ground: 160 mm
Charger - input: AC 80~240 V
Charger - output: DC 84 V, 2 A
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Mobile app: YES - for Android, iOS, BlackBerry
Lights: Road LED lamps (front and read) + side LED rings
Brake light: YES
Road lamp mode: YES - dedicated and strong front white lamp and rear red lamp
Speakers: YES - Stereo 2x
Handle: Trolley handle (telescopic), with position locking
Regenerative brake: YES
Speed limit feature: YES - in the app
Battery indicator: Side LEDs