Brexit and VAT

We have been asked this question 100's of times now since Brexit.

Prior to Brexit anyone in the EU would pay our VAT (20%) on top of the purchase price ex VAT.

Since Brexit we no longer have to charge this VAT - so if you are outside the UK you will see just one price displayed which is a price with zero VAT (If you are in the UK then you will see 2 - EX VAT and INC VAT). 

The difference now is you will pay your VAT on import into your country, this varies country by country.

There is also a clearance on your imports which wasn't in place before. This is usually straight forward and won't usually delay it by much.

Its a fairly simple process, and not a major shift. It just means the TAX now goes to the country that is importing rather than to the exporters country.

We have tried to simplify it as much as possible so its clear!