Extreme Bull | Commander Electric Unicycle | High Speed
Extreme Bull | Commander Electric Unicycle | High Speed
Extreme Bull | Commander Electric Unicycle | High Speed

Extreme Bull | Commander Electric Unicycle | High Speed

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09/02/2022, our production batch should be complete around 23rd Feb 2022 

15/03/2022: "China lockdowns create latest supply chain shock to global tech.." - Factoury closures across many Chinese cities, forced closures means no access to banking nor warehousing (including shipping). Expected shut down is 3 weeks. 

ExtremeBull is a new player on the EUC market but they are closely linked with Begode.  Initially they started by using the same components but in the future ExtremeBull aim to develop their own parts. 

The Commander comes with a 20" wheel and a powerful 2800W motor and a whooping 3600Wh battery. That's why this beast weighs over 36kg! 

ExtremeBull boast that the Commander has a 50+ mph top speed! We always recommend to ride a speed you can sprint out at though, if you're crazy enough to push this machine to the limit then make sure you have a full face helmet and a body armour! Click here if you want to know more about what protective gear we recommend getting.

The Commander is a 100V wheel and it comes with a 3A charger as default and it should fully charge in about 12 hours. It has one of the biggest batteries currently on the market which should give you a massive range but don't look at the estimate mileage ExtremeBull says, stay tuned for our review where we give you a real-world range test. 






12 h


140 miles, 230km


130 kg


100V 3600Wh, 21700 cells

UK Legality - Official government advice is to ride these on private land (with the landowners permission only), although we are not aware of any riders being prosecuted for riding an Electric Unicycle on pavements or road at time of writing and it seems to be a grey area (being a single wheel) nor are we legal experts in this regard. Still concerned? Then seek independent legal advice. Of course you must ride responsibly as always - you are not a superhero - although you will feel like one!

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