Begode | Gotway | EX.N 2700wh


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The EXN from Begode is the EX minus the suspension for those that want that solid feeling in a ride and better connection with the road.
Begode EX.N packs a 2700Wh battery which will be more than enough for the majority of riders. The wheel has a 2800W hollow motor which has improved bearing and plenty of power to take you to places. The wheel slots between the RS and the Monster Pro, so it is the sweet spot between high torque and long range.
Begode has put their newly developed black boards which will offer better circuit protection and the stronger mosfets will give you better board protection when pushing the EX.N to its limit.
This electric unicycle from Begode is for people who are experienced riders and are looking for an upgrade. It is a versatile wheel that packs a big battery and a powerful motor. If you want a long range machine that isn't too big in size, then definitely consider the Begode EX.N. 

This is the Speed Version (C30) variant of the EX.N. 

Begode EX.N specifications:

  • 2800W new hollow motor 
  • 20" by 2.75" tire 
  • 2700Wh battery
  • 100V 3amp charger 
  • New and improved black mainboard