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Blumil City


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Blumil CITY is the ultimate electric wheelchair for the city.

It is the lightest model of this kind (only 27 kg) of wheelchair available.

It is incredibly agile, speedy and has a range that will allow you to stay outside all day long! Spending the day out and about has never been so comfortable, thanks to adjusted height, footrest and comfy, cushioned seat.

The very light and compact Blumil City electric wheelchair is the new generation of Blumil based on Ninebot/Segway MiniPro.Designed in response to incredible feedback from Blumil customers. Based on reliable technology and made from top – quality materials, the new Blumil caters to the needs of people of different heights and body shapes.

Harsh weather conditions, narrow streets, cobblestone pavements and steep curbs – nothing can stop you from exploring the urban jungle.Moreover, the new Blumil City offers the ability to fit the parking mode handle for right - and left – handed users. So whichever side suits you – you can place the handle there. The height of the seat can be gradually adjusted, as well as the position of footrest and backrest, what makes the new Blumil perfect fit for all heights and body shapes.

As ergonomics was one of our top priorities, just like safety and reliability, we made sure the new Blumil can be used for several hours without any discomfort. Its compact size – actually the size of a manual wheelchair, allows it to be easily moved around and navigatedin really tight space, like an elevator or a toilet. That makes it a perfect power chair not only for outdoor activities, but also for indoors use.

The steering column can be easily folded, so getting on and off the Blumil has never been easier! The position of the column can also be adjusted in order to fit to different heights and arm reach.

As transporting the Blumil is crucial to its usability, we made sure that it folds to really compact size. In fact, it’s smaller than manual wheelchair when folded. That is why it can be easily transported with a medium – sized car, even on the back seat, as well as in public transport, onboard a train, bus or tram. Moving around on a power chair has never been easier!

The Blumil City is also equipped with strong front automatic lights, and indicators to make night activities safe and fun! There also even a brake light.

Whenever you feel like going out, just get on the Blumil electric wheelchair, slightly lean forward and steer the column to the required direction. Moving around the city has never been so easy and intuitive during day and night (automatic lights really do the job!).Go and enjoy your city vibes!