Blumil Self Stabilising Wheel Chair

Blumil Self Stabilising Wheel Chair


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Speedy Feet teamed up with Blumil with the number one goal to bring forward a more affordable Gyro Stabilised wheel chair. Prior to Blumil the average cost of a competing product was £12,000 (some costing £20,000!). The Ninebot Blumil starts at just £5295, meaning giving more freedom to people with life changing disabilities has vastly increased.

* Lead time is 2 weeks or less *

You can choose in the options just the base, or a combination of bases to suit your budget and requirements.

The Blumil essentially comes in 2 part:

1. Choosing 'No Base' will allow you to buy just the Blumil Chair

2. If you want the Blumil Chair and the Base (The Wheels) then select which Base you would like.

Checkout the full video review here: 

When ordering this complete unit from us the Blumil is officially classified as a medical device - which is great news - as it means funding can be made available and VAT exemption - it also has full CE certification! Click HERE to view the certification.

If being shipped, you will receive which ever option you choose. You will need to arrange the fitting of the kit if you choose a base also. You only need to remove the mats, remove 4 screws, place the adaption and use the same screws to hold it into place with the Ninebot and instructions for all models are included with the Blumil, It even comes with the tools to do so. Checkout the 'how to' HERE
If you wish to visit, then we can fit the kit onsite for FREE.

See the last few pictures above to get actual dimensions of the unit.

You may be eligible for VAT relief on this! Please fill in the customers section of this form (part 2) and send over to us by email

Availability: Max lead time would be 2 weeks, but we can usually get the order all sorted within a couple of days on average.