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Gotway ACM2 16 Inch Electric Unicycle - 1300wh

Gotway ACM2 16 Inch Electric Unicycle - 1300wh

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The Gotway ACM2 brings with it power, style and practicality. It has the same motor as the Gotway Tesla - 1900w.

It also has the addition of fans inside to help keep it all cool.

It has a front headlight and rear brake light. The headlight is great if you get caught out in the dark and saves you having to carry torches / fit adapter kits to mount one. Simply press a button and you are good to go. It has 2 modes, constant on or burst where it flashes on approx every second.

The leg supports are well placed and soft, leading to a shorter conditioning time (for first time riders).

You can connect to it via bluetooth through the Gotway App (IOS and Android). From here you can adjust alarms and tilt back behaviour. We would actually recommend leaving it as factory standard setting as this is the safest.

It even has a USB port so you can keep power in your mobile devices, very useful if out and about, you can take advantage of the large wh battery.

4 Models are available the 680wh, 820wh, 1300wh* and 1600wh*, they all offer the same spec, aside form the battery in each*. So it comes down to whether you need to do 12-15 miles, 20-30 or 30-45 and want to spend the extra money on this. Most people can save money and go with the 680wh version, either way we stock all the models here at Speedy Feet.

Also worth remembering - the charge time for each respective model gets longer and longer the larger the battery packs. 1300wh will take approx 10 hours from empty to charge, whereas the 680wh will be approx half that!

*The 1300wh and 1600wh are running an 84v battery system, this feeds into the same motor as the other ACM's in the range, but the control board and batteries are different in this 1300wh and the 1600wh to match the 84v requirement. This 17v increase makes the 1300 and 1600wh a little more pokey, bear in mind the ACM is massively powerful already! Think of the 1300wh & 1600wh like taking a sports car and doing an ECU remap on it. (Worth mentioning that it is slightly heavier, so this negates a little bit of that power increase). The charge port is also different to the other ACM's, it has 4 pins instead of 3 (And the charger itself is 84v output to match the battery).