Gotway Luffy - 10 inch super portable wheel-Gotway-Speedy Feet

Gotway Luffy - 10 inch super portable wheel


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If lightness and transportability are your thing, then this will suit you down to the ground. New from Gotway the 10inch wheel brings the freedom of the bigger wheels but in a lightweight package. 

The net weight of the wheel is just ~7.8kg! Watch the full review video here:

Weights per version; due to only small variation between the battery size per model, the weights are basically the same. Actual weight is ~7.73kg (Not 7kg as per spec sheet below - spec sheet is for the 200wh), the 170wh and 200wh come in at this weight, the 130wh is marginally less.

Full Specs from Gotway:

Gotway Luffy Specification