Gotway Monster - 100v Version (1845wh)


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Exactly the same as the 84v version of the Monster but with the following differences:
  • Mosfets changed to allow 100v
  • 100v should give slightly sharper acceleration as more power being pushed through the motor.
  • 2000w Motor

The monster is a niche wheel, and this is even more niche. For those wishing to do very long rides over challenging terrain. We would recommend if you are looking for road riding and its not challenging terrain then stick with the 84v.

The 100v only goes up to 1845wh as there is no other battery chip available beyond this. So for maximum range - if thats what you are looking for then go for the 84v (2400wh model).

Comes with a fixed UK plug on the charger, you just need a converter to match your country. Charger takes 100-240v so suitable for most of the world.