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Msuper X

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New from Gotway, the next in the Msuper series; the Msuper X Electric Unicycle.

With a 2000w motor and 18x3 inch wheel this beast eats up the miles. 

(Latest version with new rear light design and new side pads)

Stats from Gotway:

  • 84v System
  • Alarms: 30km/h 2 sounds alarm, 35km/h 3 alarm and power alarm (80% output) at alarm 5
  • Range: Figures from riding 20km/h with a 70kg rider in 25c on flat gained 160km range from the 1600wh. (See our distance test video below which differs from Gotways release stats)
  • Max rider weight 100kg
  • Motor: 2000w
  • 120w charger
  • 13.5hours for full charge from empty
  • Can climb hills 30 degrees in for and back direction and can traverse a 70 degree camber (due to footplate position and angle)
  • Low battery alarm cuts in at 10% or below (never ride less than 10% to prevent damage to the batteries)
  • Heat protection - footplates will go back if over 80c
  • Possible to set ride mode in APP


 UK Legality - Official government advice is to ride these on private land (with the landowners permission only), although we are not aware of any riders being prosecuted for riding an Electric Unicycle on pavements or road at time of writing and it seems to be a grey area (being a single wheel) nor are we legal experts in this regard. Still concerned? Then seek independent legal advice. Of course you must ride responsibly as always - you are not a superhero - although you will feel like one!

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