Gotway Msuper Pro Left Hand Side View

Msuper Pro - 100v 1800wh | 2500w | High Torque

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Gotway Msuper Pro Electric Unicycle.

There are 2 versions of the Msuper Pro, neither is 'better' than the other. This version (the 2500w High Torque version) offers more torque than its brother the 2000w High speed version. You just need to decide which camp you are in; do you want a super offroad / hill climbing machine or a top speed machine. Both are exceptionally capable, just tweaked slightly different for slightly different use cases.


Brand new from Gotway, the Msuper Pro. Specifically designed for more TORQUE.

This replaces the MSX line up, the have discontinued the MSX and now the MSuper Pro is the new boy on the block.

Early Details:

1. 19inch skid resistance Tire (18x3.0)
2. double T6 head light .
3. 5w strong heat sink fan
4. 35w BT music
5. 2600w motor
6. 100v 1800wh 21700battery
7. Lift up switch