InMotion K1 Skateboard-InMotion-Speedy Feet

InMotion K1 Skateboard


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This little board is great fun!


There is a sensor pad near the rear of the board, you kick to get going, if you put your foot on this pad it will match the speed that you kicked up to, and maintain that speed (on the flat). To stop simply put your foot to the rear of the board (and thus off the pad) and it will roll to a stop just like a normal skateboard.

There are 2 modes, the first mode is power on with freewheel, the second mode is power on with braking. With braking mode on when you remove your foot from the pad, 1-2 seconds later the breaking kicks in and the board slows rapidly to a stop.

Freewheel mode - the board acts like a normal board, foot off the sensor pad and it just freewheels until it comes to a natural stop.

This board is designed to power you along on the flat, and once kicked up to speed it will maintain that speed, but if you enter an incline it will basically assist you, but you will then need to use like a traditional skateboard.

Its really good fun and at a great price. Fun for all the family. We would recommend ages 10 upwards, but of course you can evaluate yourself before riding / letting others have a go.

We would recommend a nice flat surface for full enjoyment! 

This has no official IP rating, so dry weather riding is recommended :)