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IPS i5 Compact Electric Unicycle - 245wh - Used

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IPS i5 Super Compact Electric Unicycle - Used

This is the one from our YouTube Video review. Its only done 25 miles from new! Comes with 8 months warranty and mud on the tire. Grab a bargain! (Save £150)

The body of this little commuter wheel is only 6cm wide! Take a look at the promotional video below of this brand new device below.

Official Specifications (Always take the distance possible with a 'pinch of salt', as like with cars the MPG is rarely what is advertised). Full video review will follow on this little commuting device where we will let you know the real life stats with no white wash.

Watch the Full on review here:

Model : i5 (20700)
Battery : 244.8Wh
Mileage : 25KM
Top Speed : 20Km/H
Rated Power : 350W
Max Power : 1000W
Capacity : 100KG
Tire Size : 14 Inch
Pedal To Ground :10CM
Unicycle Thin : 6CM
Charge Time : 4 Hours
Max Climbing : 15° (60KG)
Working Temperature : -10~45°
IP Level : IP54
Net Weight : 7.72KG (±0.01)
Unicycle Dimension : 468 X 364 X 110mm
Packing Size : 572 X 416 X 133mm
Color : Black