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Ninebot ONE C & E / Gotway ACM Replacement Inner Tube

Ninebot ONE / Gotway ACM Inner Tube

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* The price of these tubes has jumped drastically. They are very hard to get hold of (we put out a tender for 1000 units...but got no takers after 3 months of waiting!). Our only option currently is direct from Gotway...and they charge the earth! So dont shoot us, but this new price is all we can do for the foreseeable future and we only make a few quid anyhow, hardly worth the hassle!

Direct factory replacement inner tube for your Ninebot ONE and Gotway ACM.

The inner tube size is 16x2.125 this size fits into both the Ninebot ONE and the Gotway ACM. (The Ninebot tire size is 16x1.95 and the Gotway ACM tire size is 16x2.125).