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Ninebot ONE E+ (Gen2) Electric Unicycle

Ninebot ONE E+ (Gen2) Electric Unicycle

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The Ninebot is a Premium Quality Electric Unicycle. Its one of the safest on the market. It holds full certification for the battery and also CE certificate. (If you are thinking of buying a wheel and it doesnt have CE certification - it should NOT be sold within Europe!).

About the Ninebot ONE E+

The E+ Gen2 has been revamped with new White Faux Leather Leg Support Covers and a slightly different handle. If you see E+'s on sale with the grey leg support covers - these are not the latest version.

For almost the price of an iphone transport yourself around in style and without sweating!

With the E+ Gen2 you get a whole host of features and increased battery size. You can download the free app and see your speed, change a shed load of settings and much more! Here at Speedy Feet we have done loads of videos to help you get started, just checkout our channel

The larger improved battery gives you around 35km in ideal conditions!

Comes with everything so you are ready to go out of the box. With practice you will be hoping up curbs and rolling down steps and doing many more tricks.....

This little beauty will take you on your merry way in style and comfort.

It has a handy handle - simply pull it up and carry it onto the tube or bus or put it in the boot of your car...or backpack!

You can select different colour shells as well for an additional fee (the white outer shells will be removed and replaced with the colour you select.

Checkout the Real Life Review video here:

Why buy from Speedy Feet?

1. We have been doing this for over 3 years and real life test every model (see our YouTube Channel)
2. We are a UK Company
3. We hold UK Stock
4. We give a 2 year warranty (Including the battery! More than anyone else)
5. We are the UK Service Centre for Ninebot (That's a big one - we are available 9-5 and can sort all your servicing requirements).

Checkout the videos below for what this is capable of!

What comes in the Ninebot ONE Box you ask?

1. Ninebot ONE E+ (as pictured)
2. Charging Block with cable for your country
3. 2 Reels of foam and a roll of sticky back tape to help in the early stages to protect your Ninebot One
4. Manual
5. Warranty Card (2 Years!)

UK Legality - Official government advice is to ride these on private land (with the landowners permission only), although we are not aware of any riders being prosecuted for riding an Electric Unicycle on pavements or road and it seems to be a grey area (being a single wheel) nor are we legal experts in this regard. Still concerned? Then seek independent legal advice. Of course you must ride responsibly as always - you are not a superhero - although you will feel like one!

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