Near new! Used Veteran Abrams | 22 inch EUC | 2700wh
Near new! Used Veteran Abrams | 22 inch EUC | 2700wh
Near new! Used Veteran Abrams | 22 inch EUC | 2700wh
Near new! Used Veteran Abrams | 22 inch EUC | 2700wh
Near new! Used Veteran Abrams | 22 inch EUC | 2700wh

Near new! Used Veteran Abrams | 22 inch EUC | 2700wh

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Private Sale

Very low milage Abrams with upgraded front and rear light waterproofing and also the new upgraded board. 

3.3km only !! (will vary as used on and off)

Pictures of actual unit.  Private sale  1200 + postage.

Comes with charger.

Call: 07572959094 for payment details etc

...........Below is the general description of the Abrams..........

The Veteran Abrams has a 22 inch wheel, making it a beast of a Electric Unicycle, the Abrams is one big wheel!

Veterans 2nd wheel has multiple front light modes for dusk and night time riding, making it safe to ride at all times of day. The Abrams EUC is perfectly designed for long open roads or forest fire trails, but can also be comfortable used around towns and cities.

Easily see your speed by looking down at the built in display, of which you can also adjust all the settings. 

Nice and loud alarm built in, meaning you can hear it when you are wearing a full face helmet.

Like the sherman model it has a roll cage, helping to protect the wheel if you drop it.

Built in trolley handle, nice and high, meaning when you push it along its a really good height for comfort.

Footplates have moulded spikes on them, and the footplates themselves are comfy due to their size.


Model name


Top free spin speed


Safe riding speed


Motor power



21700 Samsung 50E 2700wh

Max gradibility


perating temperature


Max load



100.8V, support max 15A

Charging time

3h to full with 12A charging

IP rating

IP65, using sealing ring and waterproof connectors

Dimension and weight


620mm x 215mm x 660mm

Net weight


Pedal dimension

265mm x 145mm

Pedal altitude (from ground)




Customized connectors to fix wires stable; 12pcs Mosfets make it more duarable.

Cooling system

Integrated aluminium alloy, automatically heat dissipation system.


Moudularization sealed battery packs.

Motor axle & pedal pillar

Convenient assembly and disassembly between the connections of axle and pillar.

Tire size

22 inch (2.75-17) knobby tubeless tire.

Trolley handle

Central mounted foldable build in.

LCD panel

Display speed, battery voltage, mileage,mode switching,calibration,battery status etc.

Metal bars

Shells protection.


Integrated spiked pedals.


Integraed fender fitted in.


2800lm 25W modularization light, angle adjustable, brightness adjustable.

Tail light

Turning, braking warning lights.


304 stainless screws.


Incline protection

Stop rolling once wheel body inclining 45°.

Speed limit

Can be set through LCD panel.

Low battery protection

Alarm at 75.6V,tilt back at 74.5V.

Battery protection

Overcharged, overdischarged, Charging port output short circuit protection

Mainboard overheat protection



Set through LCD panel.

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