How to unlock your Ninebot replacement Control Board

When you buy a new board (see here if you want one) and fit it, you will be met with no stabilisation when you boot it up.

Do not worry, email us and let us know your order number and follow the below instructions:

1. Fit the new board

2. Power up the unit once all built back up

3. Connect via the Ninebot App to the new board

4. Go to the Settings section

5. Select 'Set Serial Number'

6. In the target fields enter YOUR serial number (Printed on the ninebot or get it from the box or instruction manual that was enclosed).

7. Once filled in screen shot that screen and send it over to us via email.

8. We will then get an unlock code from Ninebot and reply back with it, it can take 1-4 working days.

 Hope this helps! 


  • Hey there :) what if when my control board failed i didn’t back up my phone and cannot access my old login to the ninebot app? Additionally the serial number seems to have rubbed off the unit and I no longer have the box…. can this situation be remedied? I really need to activate this thing but have no idea how to go about it. Appreciate feedback greatly – thanks for your time ! -B

    Benjamin E
  • Hi
    I am looking for info about control board replacement. I have a 9B1 E+ bought second hand and also some other parts bought on side. I have 1 working wheel and enough spare to make a second one but then I understand that the working board from one will not work on the motor from the other (On my wheels bought for spares, one as the motos axis broken and the other wheel has no control board). Could you confirm how I could make it work ? I understand that when cards are bought new, there is a code needed. How is it when the control board is second hand ? And how to change the code to pair CB and motor now with the new Segway app ?
    Thanks for your answer.

    Fabrice Maréchal
  • Hello speedyfeet, I have a problem with my Inmotion V8. I have done on it 940 km and it started to switch off during a ride. Diagnostics show everything is Ok and official service here in Czech didn’t find anything wrong. Unfortunatelly it keeps doing it from time to time After some switch offs it is not possible to start the wheel for a few hours. Does anybody can help. I’m slowly loosing hope. Thanks in advance.

    David P

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