What to do when your Wheel Arrives

So you have a new unit! Here is a list of recommendations to do once it arrives. Of course always follow what is says in the manual as a priority above and beyond this list, but this list is here to help!

  1. Inflate the tire to recommended PSI (You may also find it on the side of the tire wall).
  2. Charge the unit to 100% if it isnt already
  3. Download the APP (If relevant) and connect to the device, if new to all this, dont change any settings just yet.
  4. Update Firmware if it prompts to do so, if it doesn't then check settings and check if you are on latest firmware. Update if there is a newer version (unless told not to prior).
  5. If you purchased a Electric Unicycle - Watch some of our 60 Second shorts if you have never ridden one before.
  6. Get familiar with all the functions available on your machine and also any beeps or sounds it makes. They are always informing you of something if they make a noise - dont ignore it.

Another few bonus tips :)

  1. It can be quite common to crash if you are new to riding. If you do and your machine acts strange afterwards, Keep it shut down and give us an email so we can better advise. Booting it up or riding it could be dangerous, so better to be safe than sorry.
  2. If you will not be using the unit for periods of time, a general rule is to ensure its charged to 100% each month with the standard charger it came with. If leaving it longer for 1 month without use charge to 100% and disconnect the batteries from the machine to prevent and damage.
  3. Punctures are rare, but for ease you could carry some slime (or green slime, or tire weld) with you in case you do. This will save having to strip the machine down to replace the inner tube and will get you out of a tight spot.
  4. Never ride with a low battery (Certainly not less than 10%), batteries become less stable at low power but also it can damage the battery and decrease lifespan.