New delivery from Begode!

Fresh new stock from Begode! We finally have the EX and EXN in stock for anyone looking for a new wheel! They do take up some extra space in the warehouse so it's better if they go to a happy home ;)

The paintball business had a crazy week, the good crazy though! Mike and Ian were in overdrive trying to fulfil all the orders, they definitely put in a honest day's work.

Shop in Ross is still doing fine but internet issues just do not go away... maybe one day the internet won't cut out but instead would work as intended... we can only hope.

More progress on the Monster Pro video has been done but something just ain't right with that wheel, look out for our second video review to see what's going on!

Also Mario continues breaking things, this time it was the photo table that Ian has been using for years and years. That's okay because it's off Mario's wages!

Without further ado here's the vlog: