Week 15 of Speedy Feet Weekly - Jon comes down to break his wheel

This week was a mix of happiness and sadness. As lockdown restrictions have eased, Jonathan decided to come to down to Speedy Feet HQ to go for a ride with Ian. Everything was planned and arranged but when do things go as planned? 

Only within a couple of miles of riding Jon had a puncture on his Sherman. Little did he know that actually the puncture was a broken rim, because a couple of days ago he was going down steps... multiple times. 

From this week onwards, the little shop is going full steam ahead so we are hoping by the end of May it'll be open and fully functional with fresh new stock as well! It is exciting times for all of us as for the first time we will have a shop front for the wheels and more members of the public will be exposed to the world of EUCs! 

It is a long one, going just over 2 hours but it is worth it!