Shipping to the USA

Here at Speedy Feet, we are based in the UK but thanks to FedEx we can ship wheels internationally. FedEx offers two options regarding international shipping - FedEx Economy and FedEx Priority. *Please note Fedex Priority is a little hit and miss when it comes to anything with batteries in it. Its usually best to choose Economy.

FedEx International Economy is usually around 7-10 working days from the date of dispatch from us. Also it tends to be the cheaper service but sometimes US and Canada are exceptions. At check-out our website automatically shows you the difference and then you can choose which option to go for. 

FedEx International Priority is usually around 3-4 workings days from the date of dispatch. Often more expensive but some places in the US and Canada get a discount so Americans and Canadians sometimes get a special treatment from FedEx. 

When the package enters your country it goes through Customs and sometimes there are delays dependant on the Border Police. FedEx acts as the importer of goods and they use the information the customer has provided to clear the items through Customs. 

Each state has slightly different import rules but often if the price of the goods is over $2500 then the IRS require a TAX ID, EIN or SSN. Sometimes even if the goods are of less value the Border Police wants that information so that they can link the package to a genuine person/ business in the US. 

CBP empty form

In order for FedEx to clear the items through customs when the value is over $2500 they need a CBP 5106 form. 

If you want to order from Speedy Feet and you live in the US, please get in touch and we can send you the PDF version of this CBP 5106 form so that we can give that information to FedEx in order to clear your package through Customs. 

Alternatively you can have a look at the form here.

CBP coloured form

Official FedEx Advice: 

Since the value is over 2500.00$ USD, in order to clear your shipment through Customs, without further delay, Customs requires a CBP Form 5106 – “Create/Update Importer Form” to be filled out and submitted with your Social Security Number OR Federal Tax ID and information.  (You can only use one or the other).

Please ensure that when filling out the CBP Form 5106 – “Create/Update Importer Form” that you check the appropriate box(es) and provide info for  the following:
Type of Action.
-If this is your first time importing as an individual/company, please mark the “notification of identification number”/ if this is for a change of address, please mark “change of address”.
Section 1 Name and Identification Number.
-this includes the IRS number (AKA EIN#) or Social Security Number (NOT BOTH!) .
**Please note, if you elected to use your Social Security Number or business EIN#; DO NOT mark box 1E/1F**. (This option is generally for folks who do not have a SS# or EIN#)
Section 2 Mailing/Physical Address.
-Address Type, Phone number, email address must be completed.
*Second Page of the CBP Form 5106 - Create/Update Importer Form
Section 3 - is optional and does not need to be completed.
Section 4 - Please include name, title, date and signature for the certification on the bottom of the form. 
As per the CBP Form 5106 - Create/Update Importer Form, all items marked with a red asterisk are required with the EXCEPTION of box 1E.
**Please make sure the form is completely correctly and make sure it is SIGNED in order to prevent any clearance issues**
FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE HEAD TO PAGE 3 AND PAGE 4 OF THE CBP Form 5106 - Create/Update Importer Form.  You can also check for more details.