Charging your Electric Unicycle

Common question. This is a general blog post, there might be slight variations so refer to your owners manual when in doubt and/or contact the manufacturer as first port of call above any beyond these instructions below.

But some general rules for safety!

  1. Never Leave a charging unit alone, always be somewhere near by
  2. Never put the charger block onto a bed, soft or flammable surface, some chargers can get hot. Ideally on a concrete or tile floor can be best.
  3. Give it clear room all around at least an inch all around to ensure correct airflow, this keeps it as cool as possible.
  4. When on charge make sure its the right way up. Usually they have little feet which give it some clearance from the hard surface it sits on whilst charging, this ensures some airflow.
  5. Never put a charger which is charging a wheel in direct sunlight, they can get hot enough as is..don't make it even worse
  6. Plug the charger directly into a socket, don't 'daisy chain' extension leads together or use extension leads at all.
  7. Dont leave the charger cable wound, it needs to be fully unwound / untangled. Winding a cable turns it into a little heating element...this can cause at best browning on the cable or at worst a fire!
  8. If you notice any abnormal noise coming from the charger stop using it
  9. If you notice any physical damage to the charger stop using it
  10. Always visually check the direction at which you insert the charger into the machine to ensure the life span of the charging pins and the connection itself.
  11. Try and complete a full charge at least once in every 5 charges, this way you can ensure cell balancing takes place and prolong the life of your battery and give optimum performance.
  12. If advised to stop using your machine or charger by the manufacturer / seller then heed this advise.