Gotway ACM Footplates Safety Check

Failure of Gotway ACM Footplate

A customer has reported the failure of one of their footplates. The style of footplate is the latest version of the ACM footplate. The model it was fitted to was the Monster 22" purchased late 2016.

As always, Speedy Feet will announce any issues reported by customers to keep us all as safe as possible! 

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We would recommend ALL riders check their footplates for signs of stress. (Simple scuffing and usual knocks are not part of this potential issue).

Conditions of incident:

Rider has done around 200 miles on the unit.

Simply dropped off a standard size curb, has never done any stunts on the Monster (pretty difficult due to size of the monster!).

Only ever used on road in the short distance it had traveled.

Rider weight approx 100kg.

Things to look for would be:

1. Stress Fractures (These would be actual cracks or signs of stretching of the metal, usually around points of stress, i.e. the hinge area).

2. Actual breakage / or splitting.

Pictures of the broken footplate

Video of incident:


We have seen nor heard at time of printing this of any other failures such as this, but upon checking our in house monster we noted stress fractures so will need to replace the footplates on that also (Rider weight on our demo approx 82kg).