InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle


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The InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle packs a punch with its powerful motor and long range for its size.

Comes with a 2 year warranty. Important to note; we have been selling wheels since 2014, our warranty is an actual warranty, in the fact we will be here in 2 years time helping you out!

The InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle has a built in trolley handle which pops up at the push of a button.

The headlight on the unicycle enables you to travel without worrying about getting caught in the dark, an no need to carry a torch! This electric unicycle also has a rear red light as well as bright side lights.

With a powerful 800w motor the InMotion V8 electric motorised unicycle effortlessly carries you on your commute. 

With a middle ground 16inch tire size it can do cross terrain and is also suitable for all the age ranges. 

The APP for the V8 Unicycle means you can control all the light functions and also top speed restrictions as well as monitor distance travelled on a specific route as well as total distance travelled.

Watch our video review below for all the features and also results from real life testing!

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