InMotion V8F

InMotion V8F

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24/02/2022: Awaiting loading onto ship.

15/03/2022: "China lockdowns create latest supply chain shock to global tech.." - Factoury closures across many Chinese cities, forced closures means no access to banking nor warehousing (including shipping). Expected shut down is 3 weeks. 

23/03/2022: ETA for arrival at port (weather dependent) is 27th April, it will take ~1 working week to clear customs and be delivered to our warehouse from the date it lands at UK Port.

11/04/2022: Currently in Felixstowe awaiting UK Customs Clearance and then delivery to our warehouse.

The InMotion V8F electric unicycle is a great starter wheel as well as a last mile commuting champion. The sleek design, low weight and built-in handle makes it suitable if you want to take it upstairs or take it on public transport.

The InMotion V8F has a 518Wh battery that does comfortably about 14 miles or 22 kilometres as well as a 1000W motor which is an increase of 25% compared to the InMotion V8 which had only an 800W motor.  

The V8F uses a 16x2.125 tyre which is big enough to handle a bit of off-road but this machine is more suited for the urban environment. 

You can connect to the InMotion V8F via Bluetooth and change the riding style, change the LED patterns on the sides and monitor your speed and battery level. 

The InMotion V8F is a great wheel for someone who wants to start riding an electric unicycle or someone who wants to use this to commute to work or to the shop. 

Comes with a 3 year warranty and our 3 pillars program.

Important to note; we have been selling wheels since 2014, our warranty is an actual warranty, in the fact we will be here in 2 years time helping you out!

For a good solid overview of this electric unicycle please see our video review below:

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