InMotion V13 Challenger
InMotion V13 Challenger
InMotion V13 Challenger
InMotion V13 Challenger
InMotion V13 Challenger
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The InMotion V13 is an extremely powerful wheel that is built up to a high standard. InMotion have always been making good all-round wheels but with the Challenger they've gone in overdrive. 

InMotion V13 is their first 126V wheel. Because of the high voltage they were able to get more power into the motor which is rated for 4500W. This allows for a lift up speed of 87mph. Paired with a whooping 3024Wh battery, you get one of the fastest and torquiest EUCs that can also do long distance rides. 

With independent suspension chambers that would smoothen even the bumpiest of roads and a 22 inch off-road tyre, the InMotion V13 is designed to tackle any hill and any trail. There is also the ability to remove the suspension struts if you aren't a fan of the cushioning feeling and the higher centre of gravity.

Dual charge ports, USB-A and USB-C ports will allow you to charge the machine faster as well as use it as a massive battery bank. The InMotion Challenger can take up to 14A of power which should get it fully charged in under 3 hours. In the box you get only 1 charger so check out our store if you want a second one. 

There is a powerful 18W headlight and a decent rear light, as well as InMotion's touch screen on the top of the unicycle. Similarly to the V12, the screen allows you to monitor  your battery and speed and you can also quickly adjust settings without the need of the InMotion app. 

InMotion are big on safety so they have invested a lot of time and money into developing this machine. There are 2 motor hall sensors in the motor to prevent a cutout if one fails. There is a smart BMS that monitors each battery cell and the way the batteries talk to each other and the motherboard means that you can always get an accurate information about the battery status. The rim is re-enforced to take over 2 tonnes of pressure, there is a varying degree of waterproofing on all major components. 

The InMotion Challenger also features a modular design which allows for easier maintenance as well as better protection of the internal parts. Their new Raptor controller has plenty of MOSFETs and capacitors that can withstand a lot of electrical current, InMotion have put a tonne of safety margin on all components. The V13 aims to provide the fastest and torquiest ride that is also the safest at the same time. 

Commuters can find the traditional InMotion style trolley handle as well as a roll cage to help with lifting up the wheel. There are also pads that help with acceleration and braking and a mudguard to save your bottom from getting dirty! 

Looking at the specs of this machine shows that InMotion have unleashed a beast. Obviously specifications don't tell the full story so stay tuned for our real life video review of the InMotion V13.

InMotion V13 Challenger Specifications:

Max Range:  200km 
Max. Speed:  90km/h. 
Max. Slope: 45° 
Charging Time:

  6hrs (with single 5A charger)

2hrs (with two 7A chargers)

3hrs (with two 5A chargers) 

 Motor Power (Rating):   4500W
 Motor Power (Peak):   10000W
   Max. Torque:    300N·m
  Max Lift Speed:   140km/h
 Length*Width*Height:   579*274*731 mm
  Net Weight: 50kg
Gross Weight:   ~60kg
  Max. Payload:   120kg
Suspension system: Gas spring + adjustable damping
Shock absorbing stroke:


  IP Rating:   IP 55
  Battery IP Rating:   IPX7
  Rated Voltage:    108V
  Rated Capacity:   3024Wh
  Motor Size: 16inch
  Tire Dimension:   3.00-16
  Charger Input Voltage:   AC100-240V 50/60HZ 
Charger Max. Output Voltage:   126V 5A
Color Display: 2.4 inch LCD Touchscreen
 Auto Headlight:
Rear Light: 1W
  Phone Charge Port:   USB, Type-C
  Vehicle Charge Port:   M16_6pin(Male)
  Number of Charge Port: 2
  Working Temperature:   -10~45°C 
Storage Temperature:   -20-45°C
  Anti Spin:   Intelligent Recognition/Manual Control
  Riding Modes: Standard mode/Hobbyist Mode
  Drive Modes:   Comfortable Mode/ Off-road Mode
OTA Update:  Yes 

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